Guitar Preamp Listing

  • ADA MP-1
    ADA MP1 classic
    ADA MP-2
    AMT SS10

    Bad Cat Preamp
    Bogner Fish
    Brunetti Mille!
    Brunetti Mille CR

    Carvin SX-15
    Carvin Quad-X Tube Preamp
    Custom Audio Electronics CAA 3+SE / CAE 3+

    Dean Markley RM-80-DR
    Demeter TGP-3

    Elan MKII Tube Dual EFX Loop True Stereo Guitar PreAmp by Metalhead
    Egnater M4
    Egnater IE4
    Engl E570
    Engl E580

    Fender M-80 Pre-Amp

    Groove Tubes Trio
    Groove Tubes studio series - Tube preamp for Guitar

    Hafler T3
    Hafler Triple Giant
    Hughes and Kettner Access
    Hughes and Kettner Tubeman / plus
    Hughes and Kettner plus

    Jackson jx3

    Kasha Rock Mod 2
    Kitty Hawk Testarossa
    Kitty Hawk Quatro

    Lag spitfire
    Langner DCP-1 Creator
    Langner DCP-1 Elite preamps
    Lee Jackson GP-1000

    Marshall JMP1
    Marshall 9001
    Mesa Boogie Triaxis
    Mesa Boogie Quad
    Mesa Boogie Formula
    Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp

    N.O.S Armageddon
    N.O.S Black Angel

    Pearce G1 preamp
    Phaez Daisy Cutter preamp
    Peavey T.G.RAXX
    Peavey Rockmaster
    Peavey Tubefex

    Randall MTS Series RM1250
    Randall RM4
    Rivera TBR-1
    Rivera TBR-2
    Rocktron Piranha
    R&R SOUND SL|LD tube guitar preamp rack

    Sarno Music Solutions The Revelation Tube Preamp
    Steavens Radioactivator preamp
    Soldano SP77
    Soldano X88R
    Soldano Caswell X99
    Sound Clinic Climax

    TC Electronic TC 1140
    Tech 21 PSA 1.1

    Van Weelden Gainland
    VHT GP3
    Voodoo lab Guitar Preamp
    Voodoo lab Valve

  • Aguilar 1911 tube preamp

    Marshall 9004

    Myasnkov Super Lead
    Myasnikov HBE preamp
    Myasnkov X88
    Myasnkov British
    Myasnkov British Supelead
    Myasnkov V1/4
    Myasnkov Fish Head
    Myasnkov CCV
    Myasnkov Savage
    Myasnkov Tweed
    Myasnkov 3+SE Lead
    Myasnkov 5150

    Rocktron ValveSonic Plexi
    Rocktron Gainiac
    Rocktron Gainiac 2

    RnR SOUND DP-13

    Tube Works Blue Tube II RT-924


  • Kartakou colossus preamp

    Mezzabarba nirvana preamp

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